Thursday, 10 February 2011

3 Train readers

Three people not really there. Their bodies might be lurching to the vagaries of the brakes and rails of the 09.47 to Sutton,  but their minds are tracking murderers, or falling for the wrong guy, or unravelling the mysteries of medieval France, or....

And BOOKS mind you. not those nasty Kindle things. Not yet seen a Kindle reader on a train.

Kindle to me brings to mind kindling. Odd choice for a name. Book burning being frowned upon as it is.


  1. I like how these people are definitely reading and not asleep...

    My wife has a kindle and loves it but in her defence we also have a house full of beloved books that we cherish...

  2. I hate the idea of no longer having the physical artifact of a book... Great sketches. Love the sideburns on the fellah on the top.

  3. We have so many books, I can't bring myself to part with them...even the tatty old ones that the kids loved to death! I still have a book that was my grandmothers, it was printed in 19898!

  4. Agree totally. There is series just started on BBC4 'The Beauty of Books'. It is almost porn - lots of close ups of parchment being turned gently by assured hands, tracking shots of spines on the shelves at the British Library. Ohhhh. You can't beat a good book...

  5. And sorry Sagittarian, I know it is a slip of a finger on a keyboard, but I can't decide if a book from 19898 is incredibly old, or proof of time travel. Love it.