Saturday, 2 January 2010

Sketch 33

Another page from the coloured sketch book. This woman was on a train going out to Borehanwood. I can remember this one well, I was house hunting, and took this train several times. She reminded me ( then and now ) of Clare, an old flat mate from years back. She was wearing a cream sweat-suit.
It has the same crude shading of yesterday's sketch. So from the same kind of time, so I can date them better. 2004. Sound like some Museum archivist there. Or up my own arse, take your pick.
As often happens, women suffer somewhat at the hands of... well... my hands. My style isn't flattering. I think it emphasizes the solidity of people, and whilst that seems to work for men, it tends to leave female subjects a little lumpish. I like that, but I always assume that they wouldn't.

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