Tuesday, 26 January 2010

51 - National Gallery Patron

Often used to sit and sketch in the National gallery a few years back.
This lady is very much the kind of visitor you can always be guaranteed of seeing. Especially on a weekday afternoon. Up in town for a visit, meet a friend, bit of art, bit of shopping, maybe a new piece of bondage wear to take back to hubby, tea at Fortnums, the new Bennett, and then the train home. Not too late is it ?
I loved how she sat with her coat over her shoulders, and arms folded on her bag, so composed. (Although I'm now wondering what she had in that bag ?) Managed several of her, couldn't decide which I liked best, this one won the toss. Shading a bit harsh. And the face/head slip is, as always, not that flattering.
I have always liked that the Gallery is so accessible and you can just pop in and sit. Like a library. And the paintings are good mates you acknowledge, but don't have time to stop and talk to. Cornelius van der Geest, Echo, Pan and Syrinx, Lord Ribblesdale.
Thought that last bit would come off a lot cuter than it did. Sounds a bit up my own bottom.

And just want to ask, where do I go to get a name like Ribblesdale ?!

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