Tuesday, 26 January 2010

52 -55

Had cause to rummage through some really old sketch books today. And seeing as I have fallen behind on the running total again, and need a bit of catch-up...
A few oldies. Sketches that is, not the people.
Interesting, to me if no-one else. These were done when drawing without looking at the page was still a novelty to me. You draw without taking your eyes from the subject, you imagine the line you are drawing as you trace along what you see in your mind. It stops you censoring what you think you see. It exaggerates the shapes. Gives them an oddness and an angularity. And a freeness. A fluidity.
And I hadn't moved across to pen yet, still needed the reassurance I could rub stuff out if I needed to.
At a push this one above is only two lines. And the one below, his head is all without breaking the contact with the paper. Always satisfying.

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