Monday, 18 January 2010

46 and 47

Two to post together. One I had labeled Headphones, and the other Hairphones, so they seem to sit together quite well.
Not sure if this guy was asleep, or just listening intently. A very quick, rough sketch, mostly about his profile, everything else is secondary. In this case it wasn't him who got off the train, but me. I do often stay on and go past my stop if I have a good drawing going on, but time had me by the proverbials this day. So a scrawly circle will do for the head phones, a quick block of shading for the hair, and on to the proper reason for the day.
This woman was drawn on the same day as the earlier blue sketches, as that was the only coloured pen I had with me. ( And just had to teach my spell check the CORRECT spelling of coloured there. With a U ! ) Her hair just had to be drawn. It gives her head a brilliant shape, the explosion at the back balances the front fringe, like her whole head was a composition. She was on the central line tube, going into town from Acton. I often sit on one of the small seats either side on the connecting doors, where you get a great view of the whole carriage, and great profiles of the people immediately in front of you. The movement of the train never seems to affect how you draw, unless you have a really dodgy driver who is a little too brake crazy, and you get shunted backwards and forwards a lot. Even then your arm buffers most jolts. Everyone can write on the tube, but people always seem amazed that you can draw on the tube just as easily.
Anyway, really enjoyed drawing her hair.

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