Friday, 1 January 2010


A very old sketch to start a new year. And I like that it is on red paper. Festive.
This guy was sitting on a bench in the park in Soho Square, but I can't remember when. Sometime in the last five years, but can't be more specific on this one. Just went off to look in the sketch book, to see if it had a date in it anywhere, but can't even find the book. So this one only exists here at the moment. It will turn up one day.
Have posted this one before, ages ago, my space I think. A few people saw it and commented on it. But didn't follow up then. Let's see if I can get people interested this time. Will start trying to move this out this year. Now I am assured that I am going to stick with this.
A favorite of mine, like the squareness of the head, and the cartoonish quality it ended up having. Quite crude really, in the shading. I think I was only just starting to try and add shape to the lines at this point. It feels different from most of my drawing, and was one of those sketches that points a way forward, that you do and then look at and see that you have progressed from how you used to work.
And the hand to face detail that is always guaranteed to get me sketching.

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