Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Two blokes on a train.

Am starting to worry that my subjects are getting a bit samey. Need to find some new sketching arenas.

Because people on trains.. well I am not being challenged much at the moment. The runners made me think to find newer situations to sketch people in. Just need to think where.

In the mean time...

...blokes on trains.


  1. Blokes on trains... something so ineffably English about them.

  2. Different faces, different ages, different postures. Nah there's too much variation for it to become a bit samey. You do such a great job of catching the character as wll.

  3. I have ridden in trains many times. Commuter trains, cross country trains, there is always a variety of people. You have done a good job in capturing the moods of the people you sketch.

  4. Speed drawing! Draw people out on the platform when you're waiting at a station - which'll prpbably give you 30 seconds a drawing - or maybe you can just try to remember what they looked like once you're moving again. Alternatively if it's an express just draw them as a series of smudged parallel lines as you pass through

  5. I wish we had trains here. All we have are metros and I rarely ride on one. Cabs are my bestfriends. I must try sketching people.