Saturday, 16 April 2011

International Womens' Day

After a salsa lesson that was more stressful and sweaty than syncopated we sat, dazed, and watched the Cuban International Womens' Day shindig.  Everyone piled into the Casa for dancing, drinking and lurid coloured cake.  A young woman ran around as a sort of vajazzled swan, and rum and coke got spilt with abandon. It was like a bit like a lock in at your local, if your local had bougainvillea growing from the ceiling, and couples dry humping each other as entertainment.

Favorite sketch from that day, two women sharing one chair.

Beauty is often right in front of you.


  1. Something very Romanesque about their pose. Really works for me.

  2. Glad you both like it. Is it me or can anyone else see a sort of Deaths head moth - Silence of the lambs poster thing going on with the chair ?

  3. Steve - ha, Cuban caryatids !