Saturday, 2 April 2011

Three x blokes sitting, drinking.

Still on the veranda.

Two blokes sat with their beers, sketched them three times.

Like how the first bloke gets more elongated in each sketch.

If I carried on maybe he would have stretched out of all existence, like the bad bloke at the end of 'Ghost'.


  1. Thanks for drop'n by and for the compliments! I greatly appreciate it. =) I love the weight of the guy leaning on his arm in your top sketch here, and yet it is also so simple. =D

  2. Thanks. Funnily the arms are all a bit off in these ones, but I love that, they feel right to me, and that can be just as important as anatomical correctness.

  3. He he... he's definitely getting more Celtic than Cromwellian with each sketch...!