Wednesday, 20 April 2011

fidget rejects.

Wow, yesterday's fidget post really struck a chord.

Thought I would share some of the (better) reject pages, where I would just get a few lines down and they would shift and alter their position so much that I had to turn the page and start anew.

She would not sit still ! And I can draw fast if I need to.

And this guy... don't get me started. Never got a good one of him at all. Phone... fidget... music... tug at sweater sleeves... check e-mail... rub head...

Maybe my sketching was making him nervous ?


  1. These snapshots really work well as an ensemble...

  2. yeah I agree, I love the glimpses of the person--like they are emerging from space or something..

  3. I still say you're a brave soul sketching such a daunting (because it's incessantly moving) subject.