Sunday, 7 March 2010

5 !

The countdown to the first 100 sketches.
The ghost on this one was so insistent I've had to drop her into Photoshop to 'exorcize' it. Demon of the other page - be gone.
This girl was in the National Gallery, listening to her audio tour. We were sitting in one of the long galleries, the one with the Zubarans and the brilliant Velazquez. And the Van Dyck room just off it.
Van Dyck. My absolute Hero.
Just drop in there and look at the hand holding the glove on the double portrait of the Stuart brothers. How the paint is both paint, and a hand holding a glove. Two separate states at the same time. Liquid. Was just looking at it with a mate the other day. He was more amused by how camp the whole picture was.
Good review of last year's exhibition with image of the two ( okay, okay undeniably camp ) brothers and the aforementioned hand here.
This portrait was also on the telly the other night ( synchronicity ) pointing out that within a few year both brothers had been slaughtered on the battle fields of the English Civil War.

Camp only goes so far.

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