Thursday, 25 March 2010

112 to 115 - Nothing like a damn good read.

When you've got time to kill, and the city is littered with free newspapers. ( or at least was ! )
Or you've got a brilliant book you can't put down.

Or you could browse over the map of our great city you just brought...
and marvel that we ever find our way anywhere.

Or there is always the eternal and ever present mobile...
with all it's insistent beeping messages and tweets to follow.

Just how many narratives can we carry in our head at any one time ? It amazes me. The latest celebrity scandal, the current novel you are reading, a dozen soap plot lines, the ongoing season of sport, last night's episode of 'Mad Men', your friend's nightly escapades, your Mum's constant chat. History. Politics. How to work your microwave.

And how do we never get them mixed up ?

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