Wednesday, 10 March 2010

100 !!!!!

My 100th sketch post. Excellent.
But then the dilemma of which sketch is good enough for such an auspicious number ? Not that one.
Not that one either.
So decided this was the idea place for some pages of sketches I did at the anti war march that ran through the centre of London way back in 2003.
So it's not one person who gets to be here, but, potentially, hundreds.
I joined the march somewhere around Cambridge Circus, and moved along, stopping to sketch every now and then, until I reached the Park...
...just as Mo Mowlem was giving her speech.

These three are my favorites, and kind of catch the whole experience for me. The banners and road signs sharing the air above our heads. The sheer mass of people. The Policemen's jackets are coloured in flourescent pen, but the colour didn't scan true.

I went along as much because it was a chance to sketch something important, something noteworthy. It is hard now to think how unignorable everyone felt that day. The crowd of people in Hyde Park seemed to go on for ever, like the whole of London had come out. The whole of the country, in fact. The road alongside the Park was solid with buses that had brought people from all over. It is hard to say it was a great day, in retrospect. But I'm glad I was there.

I'm counting these as one sketch, for the purpose of the task.

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