Sunday, 28 February 2010

88 - 2 versions

Been thinking of ways to add colour whilst doing the sketching, as opposed to later, at home. Brought some cheap coloured pens yesterday, ( thank you Tescos - 67p a pack ! ) with the idea of using a suitable colour to draw clothing, backgrounds etc.
Not very successful, like black is the only colour that can really hold it's own as a line, or dominates the others too much. Although scanning has improved the balance somehow... now that's interesting. But the face and the sweatshirt are at odds with each other. Unsatisfying.
So, get the paints out, and the pens again...
Still no good. Might be that the drawing itself is a bit crap to start with.
Will try more, something to explore here, but no ideal yet.

Also want to add a great big thanks to njd23 for being my first follower. Brilliant to welcome you here, a real pleasure. You made my day, you did.

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