Monday, 1 February 2010

63 - Louvre, Paris

Was standing in the entrance pyramid to the Louvre Museum, waiting by the spiral staircase ( I would seem to do a lot of waiting, don't I ? Can't remember if I was waiting while my friend went to the loo, or waiting for them to actually turn up at all ) anyway... this Guy was leaning over the balcony from the Cafe, talking to some people below, mates of his.
I obviously started with the neck of his sweatshirt, and when I had got round his head the two overlapped. But with the railing line cutting through his hand as well I don't mind.
The thing I most remember about this was, as I was resting the sketch book on the railing on my side of the spiral staircase, the tread of the visitors on the stairs made my book vibrate, a small, but clear rhythm that grew and faded as they went up and down and really annoyed me as it made my hand unsteady. Look at his nose for evidence.
I can usually zone that kind of thing out, but there was something heartbeatish and insistent about it that was actually a bit disturbing.

I mean that as in vital internal organ, not cosy period Cop show.

Although I could argue that that was just as disturbing as well.

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