Friday, 5 February 2010

64, 65, girl in park

One of those hot, still sundays at the beginning of summer, when the trees still look fresh and the grass hasn't been dried and scuffed to nothing.
Went and sat in my local park to read and sketch. 'The amazing adventures of Kavalier and Clay' in the shade of a group of massive Lime trees.
Loads of people, languid in the heat, lazing around in groups or on their own. Friends agreeing to meet, waving to attract each others attention, shading their eyes... is that them ? Over there ? Friends of friends getting introduced and assessed. Spending the day with strangers because of one person. Enduring the scrutiny, finding common ground.
Sketched this girl twice.
People tend to have two or three positions at most, that they cycle through as they talk. Leaning back, leaning forward, legs crossed, legs out straight. If you miss them at one stance, and you have the time to wait, you will catch them back in that position in a while.
Elbows hatched with the criss-cross of grass, florescent green aphids catching in hair, being switched away by others.

A good day.

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