Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Night birds

Was taken, if not exactly kicking and screaming, but with no massive enthusiasm, to an Owl City gig last night. And, not knowing the music, there is very little I can think to say about it that won't make me sound like the proverbial old fart.

But was breaking in a new sketch book, so I enjoyed myself.

He played with 100% energy and his audience were astoundingly enthusiastic. In my day ( oh... here we go... ) youth were into a bit more rebellious a sound, but, hey, everyone knew all the words, and sang them to their loved ones with a seductiveness that, I hope, achieved the desired end result, so whatever...

And, as the man says, Planet Earth turns slowly.


  1. Love the colorization of the bottom drawing... captures the gig going experience perfectly.

  2. I really like pic of the keyboard player - from that and the name of the band I'm going to hazard a guess they're from Portland Oregon. Relieved to see that the guy hasn't got 'directional hair' ..otherwise I'd be joining you for an old fart style rant.