Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Just to say

London is a phenomenal place at the moment.

There is a whole new community of people that have moved in and overlaid themselves across the city. Go anywhere and you will see Olympic folk. Security, Press, Organizers, Corporate bodies, Flag draped fans, Games makers, Ambassadors, people to make sure you get to where you need to be, people to stop you going where they don't want you to go.

And all with their Olympic pass around their necks.

As I walked across Russell Square last night a flotilla of buses pulled up, and emptied the world's press onto the street. Photographers, Journalists, Cameramen, Sound, spilled out and dispersed in all directions, some to Hotels, some to the tube station, some to waiting mini buses. All with determination and purpose. Images captured, moments recorded, stories decided.

And London just expands, and accepts, and carries on alongside it all.

In a way I wish they could all stay forever.


  1. Alas, they can't... for the same reason that it cannot be Christmas every day.

  2. Never had myself down as a flag waver but goddammit I've been loving the Olympics and us hosting it (and ruling it) and everyfink. It never occurred to me to get tickets, and as I was getting lots of 'oooh don't travel in London during the Olympics it'll be a nightmare' type advice from family down that way I booked up my time doing other (admittedly enjoyable) things. So insanely jealous! Just booked some Paralympics tickets mind.

  3. Well, at least until you can send them away when they annoy you all....which will be soon I am sure! :-) There is only so much grog to be shared afterall.!

  4. So true Steve, but at least Christmas will come round again, this circus is very unlikely to be in town again in my lifetime.

    Sam - excellent. I am going to the Paralympics on the 1st and the 8th.

    Sagittarian - sat next to a Kiwi at the opening ceremony, so got to give team NZ a massive cheer. But didn't share my grog with her. Goodwill only goes so far.

  5. And she had had plenty enough grog of her own, trust me.