Saturday, 4 August 2012


If you don't know, a giant puppet Lady Godiva is currently making her way from Coventry to the Olympic games.

And as I was tooling down the M1 on thursday I took a detour to see her on her way thru Luton.

Godiva stands some 15 foot high I'm guessing ( but let me check that.. hang on... hang on...) Ah, correct that..., 19 foot high according to the Guardian. And she walks via an ingenious trucked mechanism behind her.

She is being ferried around the countryside by a team of dedicated cyclists. As I was sketching, two of the cyclists, enjoying a well earned tray of sausage and chips, discussed her journey so far.

"She still has that mark on her head where she hit that tree in Rugby."
"They would be appalled if they knew."
"She has literally been dragged through a hedge backwards."

Personaly, I liked her feet ( not shown here ).


  1. Is she naked? I ask only in the interest of traffic safety...

  2. In the words of Linda Bassett in 'Calender Girls'..

    "It's not naked, it's nude !"

    She wore a pale see-thru shift dress on the day I saw her, but it was threatening to rain so I don't blame her.

  3. Said dress, I am now informed, designed by Zandra Rhodes.