Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Two instances of a neck

Was on a rush hour train that was so crowded I thought I might have to eat my rucksack to make room. Usually sketching is out of the question, but found an air pocket against one of the dividing glass panels, looking down on some bloke's neck as he read the Evening Standard. So out surfaced the sketch book.

Was taken with the very pale curve of his neck against the darks of his coat.  Very strong contrast.

Prefer the top sketch.

As is always the case the whole train emptied at my stop. I sure must live in a popular part of town, Mr Terwilliker. 

( For popular read cheap ! )


  1. Necks are sensuous things. Even when they're hairy.

  2. I prefer the bottom sketch. Top sketch looks rather curvy ... and feminine.