Monday, 24 January 2011

The colour red.

Watched THREE COLOURS RED last night. Film loves red ( well, some film stock more than others, but we won't go into that now, especially when more and more is shot on digital - and, funnily, the most popular digital camera system - or at least the one I come across most - is called RED  ) Red shoes, Red balloons,  Red lanterns, Red river ( black and white I know, but bear with me )

And I was thinking about Dufy's theory that colour stays on the retina longer, but it seems to me that some colours, especially red, catch the eye sooner, so maybe they only seem to register longer. How does the eye see color ? Anyone know. Need to go look it up.

This woman's coat was the most brilliant red. Haven't done it justice here.

Hang on, maybe I can...

There, that's what it was like.


  1. I love the fact that in olden days red was seen as the colour of harlotry. Not that I'd point that out to the poor woman wearing that dazzling coat...

  2. The scarlet letter and all eh ! The hussy !