Sunday, 2 January 2011

Eraser + Dufy

Managed to fit a trip to a Dufy Exhibition in the scrum of last november ( thanks Sophie ! ) And at the start it said Dufy believed colour stayed on the retina longer than form. And that has caught in my head, and is probably the basis for what I want to explore here. Early days, let's see where it goes eh ?

Got a bit excited by using erasure at very low opacity in Photoshop just now...

I know, more a shaded sketch than anything Dufy was about... but Rome.. you know... 

Plus... great coat Mister !!!


  1. It is a great coat... and nicely rendered.

  2. I don't know Dufy's work so have just Googled images. I do like his Mediterranean and 'seaside' paintings .. but then I'm naturally drawn to sunshine and seasides :o)

    Your 'shaded sketch' is great .. I think this style is going to work very well for you! Look forward to seeing more