Friday, 22 October 2010


Arriving at the studio this morning, in the dark and in thick freezing fog, ( the kind that actually swirls ) I am the only person in the whole place, and it occurs to me that this is the perfect setting for a horror film. All I need is Una O'conner to answer the door, in traditional dress.

She doesn't.

No one to sketch, just me. Seulement. So I am leaving this one empty. Dark. People-less. To reflect the moment. Later there will be phones and vans and photocopiers. Hopefully.

But, for now, the silence is like velvet.


  1. Is this a drawing or an erasure?

  2. Now the studio is busy, people arrived en mass at 9.00 and the place soon filled with voices up and down corridors, and mobile trills, and vans full of stuff.