Friday, 1 October 2010

A few seconds to spare

Can't see to do any work as they are rehearsing with the lights off ( !!! ) So grabbing some time to jump online, as I would hate to miss the first day of the month.

Like this woman's coy smile. Don't often get to really catch a smile, or any kind of animation, so always chuffed when I do.

One of the guy's in the office has just 'fessed up to being a trifleholic. Just sharing that one for want of anything else to write.


  1. Trifleholic? A lover of birthday party comestibles or tiny facts & occurrences?

  2. Sugar and cream and fruit. The caterers on this one made the most knock out ones that should be a class A drug. I may have taken a year off my life just eating one, but worth it.

  3. I like her expression.

    And I like the thought of trifle too... as long as it's a chocolate trifle and not the fruit, custard and cream version.

  4. Trifle in any form gets my thumbs up.