Thursday, 29 April 2010

Feeling your behind

Blimey I'm getting behind this month. Will need to do a massive catch up when this job is over.
Just been swamped by all the odd little things you end up having to organise, ( getting rear seat belts fitted into a 1986 Allegro, getting a chimney swept, ( £40 - bargain ) working out how to change the colour of the walls in a working maternity unit without damaging the wall surface in any way whatsoever. ) And running dangerously low on spare people sketches, now I'm knee deep in doing this. Will aim to get some fresh subjects this sunday, will be out and about, so will make it my mission.
As for this couple, look at them, all trussed up in their thick winter coats that seem so long ago now we are enjoying the big fresh days of April. It has been beautiful this past week. All memories of that long cold winter banished to the deepest recesses.

Where they should be.

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