Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Elbow patches.

From the same time as the previous woman, Soho Square, next bench along.
A group of guys were standing around, drinking beer, and laughing a lot.
But up-market, with his elbow patches and edwardian whiskers, not your usual London square meths drinkers. Had the feeling they were warming up before going to a wedding or something.
You don't see many elbow patches these days, not outside of Universities anyway. Not such consciously styled ones.

But then my finger was never on that particular pulse.


  1. Expresivos y Dibujos Tus MARAVILLOSOS QUE "Cosas Cuentan" ...

  2. Heya !

    Thanks for stopping by, and for your comments. Always massively appreciated.

  3. Re: elbow patches...

    Last night, saw the new Doctor Who sports elbow patches too. So obviously a much more current thing than I realised.