Sunday, 8 June 2014


Been making leaps and bounds in life drawing.

Did this the other week. Very pleased.

And a great model. His name is Adrian, and he was even on the telly the other night, modelling. I have done several drawings I have been pleased with of him.

He has excellent muscle definition. Not 'ripped' or 'chiseled' (words I only know the meaning of in a purely semantic fashion), just natural. How I would look, if I starved myself to death.... and then got reborn to an entirety different genetic line to my current ( much loved but undeniably stodgy ) East Anglian coagulation of chromosomes.

And, interestingly, this was the first time i had ever really engaged with 'the willy'. You usually fudge around it, or describe it in a quick line, a stroke (ahem) of paint.  After all, it is just a part of the whole. we all have one. (yes I know... I'm not that Naive ! But you know what I mean.)

Never posted in May at all - the shame of it. Sorry Blog.

And been visited by Iceland for the first time, which is a surprise as I have several Icelandic friends and would have assumed one of them might have been by by now.


  1. Nice detailing on this piece. And an astoundingly uninhibited pose.

  2. I have just realised given what I have written, the post title is very double entendre.