Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Are you following me ?

Or am I following you ?

Drew the same model at two completely unrelated life drawing sessions ! Guess I am reaching the optimum level at which the finite amount of models within the M25 meets the number of hours modelled in a week.

Is there a mathematical equation for that ?

Anyway here she is on the tuesday in Holborn...

And here she is on the friday in Watford*...

I mentioned this coincidence ( is it technically a coincidence ? ) and she laughed and said she was amazed how people got around. 

* not that anyone should really admit to being seen in Watford on a friday.


  1. Well, I've read about some bizarre stalkers in my time but this takes the biscuit...

    I like the sparing use of colour.

  2. We get biscuits at both sessions, with the half time tea. I usually take three !

  3. And can you believe it. Went to another entirely separate class in Highbury last friday, and the same model was there too.