Sunday, 21 April 2013

Clothes maketh the man

Saw the Humphrey Ocean works at the NPG over the weekend. Massively inspired by them.

And it made me realise how what we choose to wear says so much about us. Of course, I know if you see someone in a three piece suit you can safely assume they aren't off down the sewers. And they want you to know that.

But this went beyond that. How the anonymity of ordinary, everyday clothes still says so much. How even how you try to disappear says stuff about you.

This guy was on the train into town, and I was taken by his diagonal quilted jacket. What does that say about him?

What does that say about me ?

And then he made this brilliant pose.


  1. By 'eck, that's a proper "real man" pose and no mistake.

  2. Apparently it's all about the groin !