Saturday, 22 September 2012

One last word

...On the Olympics.

First the Teams and their supporters with their flags of all nations went home.

Then the purples and pinks and greens of the Games makers and travel advisors and Security people disappeared.

Then the Team GB shirts and scarves and hats became passe.

Then the banners and graphics and signage started to be taken down.

And yesterday I had to stop and mark another loss.

They have removed the Games Lanes from the Motorways into London. Burnt them off over night and repainted with the old normal road markings.

I don't know why that caught in my mind ( and heart ) so much.

But it did.


  1. It's like the decorations being put away after Christmas...

  2. Can we keep nothing as souvenirs??

    I'd have paid good money to drive down an Olympic lane...

  3. Ah, but you couldn't Melanie. That was the point ( and gripe ) of them.