Thursday, 1 December 2011

Happy advent.

Have you opened your first window yet ? Eaten that first chocolate ?

Kids have got it so much better, when I was a youth all you had to look forward to was a manky picture of a jack in a box, or a robin on a log, and the climax was always the baby Jesus, not a scrummy Mars mini treat.

Anyway. A quick sketch for the 1st of December, and... the start of my third year of doing this.


  1. You poor deprived child :-)

    We always seem to buy Advent calendars for 'the kids - my stepdaughter and Grand-daughter) and are never on the receiving end!!

    Happy 3rd anniversary

  2. Yup my boys have got a choc calendar and a Lego one.

    When I was a kid we used the same calendar every year - it just had pictures inside it. Bah humbug!

  3. Love todays sketch. They have some serious attitude, ha-ha-ha!

    We didn't do advent calendars when I was a kid, just the candles and bible verses in the dark. I remember some days thinking it was a pain to have to stop playing my game (or whatever) and go do Advent, but as I got older that quiet time spent in the dark with my family became a nice interlude.

    Happy 3rd Anniversary!


    How.... what.... who....??????

    Your kids are lucky buggers. I would have sold the family dog for a Lego Advent calender when I was younger.