Friday, 10 June 2011

Sunday lunch - although it was more like late afternoon really.

Continuing the loose food theme of the last few posts, ( and no I don't mean grub with dubious moral standards.)

Waiting for friends at the Royal Festival Hall. Was looking down on this couple debating how much to leave as a tip.

Mmmmmmm - cappuccinos.

Then these friends sat and ate fish and chips from a stand that was part of the British seaside theme they have going on there at the moment.

Mmmmmmmmm- salty vinegaryness

Now I'm getting peckish myself.


  1. Fish and chips wins hands down every time. And you never have a tip quandary.

  2. I had proper chip shop fish and chips for the first time for ages last night, they were great.

  3. Are they oop north chips? Cooked in lard served with gravy?
    Excellent Fish and Chips in Herne Hill - Ollie's - bit poncey, middle class Fish and Chips, but no point living in denial, I like poncey middle class food. Anyway they are the best! A cousin - several times removed own a chippy in chatteris and they won Britain's Best Fish and Chips in 2009.
    Enough with the Fish and Chips already!! I remmeber threepenneth of chips with scraps from Whyteways in Great Whyte Ramsey. Ahh them were the days.

  4. Gravy was an option, but I am a southern weakling, and declined.