Sunday, 26 June 2011

Cats and jokes and barrel scrapings.

Ha ! The sketch I was going to post, and had the writing to accompany it all sorted out for.... I haven't even scanned yet !

And as there is currently about 400 miles between me and my scanner, that's not gong to happen soonish.

So what have I got you haven't seen yet ?

Have you seen this guy taking his cat somewhere ?

Poor kitty.

Or how about this guy laughing ?

That's quite an old one, that one.

How about this one ?

The return of Bluebeard ?

Now that made me smile.


  1. Bluebeard bears an ucanny resemblance to my old art teacher... an apt link to make.

  2. That cat doesn't look too thrilled at the journey!

  3. Cats never look thrilled at anything, just spiteful.