Wednesday, 8 September 2010

A sort of P.S. ( not counting this one )

A policeman got on the train and took his helmet off. And all I could see was this much of him, and had to draw this just so as I could call it...

The Long Arm of the Law.

Groans and complaints at the next desk please.


  1. liked the message in this drawing. "Long arm of the law".

  2. Our first grandchild is due end October and we were informed by the proud parents-to-be that in the UK pregnant women may 'relieve themselves' anywhere including a policeman's helmet (on request).

    I wasn't sure how true this was but a good old Google search verified it. You might want to look at this link for a few other weird UK laws

  3. Maybe that is why he was holding it at a distance.

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud there Sue, If I had been eating cereal it would have gone up my nose.

    Going to that sight right now..........