Sunday, 26 September 2010

Folded specs.

I like it when people are absorbed by reading as they hold reasonably still, and, more importantly, keep their heads in roughly the same place long enough to draw them properly.

This girl was reading a very dense text book of unfathomableness to me. ( I once tried to read a book on tree theory - I liked the title - and, honestly, struggled to get beyond the first sentence ) So I could have done her in oils for all the signs she showed of moving.


  1. I like to think that, folded up within the cover of her tome, hidden from view, was a copy of Heat magazine.

  2. Great drawings! I have to say that I get like that when I've got a book that holds my attention! At my younger brothers wedding my father had to do a reading and he stood up with a book "Spike Milligan's Poems" and everyone laughed but the 'real' reading was hidden from view in that book! (Liek Steve has suggested above altho' not as much 'heat')

  3. What a great word - unfathomableness. I shall try to use it every day. ^_~
    You've captured this reader so well!

  4. How considerate of her to maintain that statue-like pose while you niftily sketched her ;-)