Monday, 24 May 2010

Way behind now

Have just done my sums, and if I am to catch up for postings lost before the end of May I have to post 26 sketches by the end of next week. Eek !

Like this one although it is kind of odd. Like the eye socket bit. The whole eye described in one line. ( well, one and a bit ! )


  1. Good Morning, Keith!
    I've been trying - unsuccessfully - to leave comments on your great sketches for several weeks now. Finally (I hope) gotten those technical problems straightened out.

    I like your economy of line. You get a lot said with a small amount of graphite.

  2. Thanks for that. And great to se you dropping by again. Had to re-edit this post as it in now June and I am so behind, and last week was catch-up week, but then wasn't for various ( good ) reasons.

    So the first post of June will be...