Saturday, 8 May 2010

Blimey oh Riley !

This is one of those sketches that everything is out of relation with itself, yet pleases me when I look at it. Since when were the centre of your ears level with your eyebrows ?
It makes him look either stern, or focused. Am always interested in how far you can push a face and still have it read properly and not as caricature.

Had a brilliant conversation with one of the painters yesterday about J. C. Leyendecker. It was a rare pleasure to encounter another enthusiast, unexpected. Now there is an artist whose handling of paint astounds me. The energy in the creases in his clothing is just the mutt's... how it manages to be both realistic and totally abstract at the same time. Inspirational.

Work has swallowed me whole this week. ( oh er Missus !!! ) Am in the office waiting for them to wrap so I can go home and fall asleep.

Oh, and found a web site for a place called MDF WORLD. And it amuses me to imagine it the dullest theme park in Britain.

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