Wednesday, 1 April 2015


Always Be Closing.

This guy was running the whole gamut of sales technique on his phone. And not getting very far.

" I know, I know, we've been like..., I call when you are in a meeting, then you call when I am in a meeting."

" Three license sets, that is what I think you should be taking. To be honest the price difference between three and two is minimal. It's £9,000 for three, £8,000 for two. I am struggling to make this work for us. We only really deal with customers big enough to warrant three licenses. And you are a company so I can't really sell as a private individual. To be honest they have set a minimum spend of £55,000 for a company. I shouldn't even be doing this. I will get pulled up over this but I can talk myself out of it.

'Okay, well let's leave it there, have a think about it and come back to me before the day is out."


  1. Ah... the verbal trenchwarfare of the telephone salesman... completely lacking in honesty and nobility!

  2. Where's Jack Lemmon when you need him ?