Friday, 14 November 2014

Something in the water.

I swear.

After my encounter with personal space Lady I thought I had been there, done that...

But last night, on the train home...

I was quietly sketching some fellow at the other end of the carriage, minding my own business ( to a degree ) Then this guy sits down next to me, sees what I am doing and leans in to watch. Oh yes I thinks.

He then put out his hand and angles my sketch book to give him a better view !

I take this as a sign, and mutter something about the subject having moved and stop sketching and close the book.

And he grabs it from me and sits, leafing thru the pages.

The woman opposite him gives him a dirty look on my behalf. He grumps and asks " May I ? " Seeing as he already has it open in his hands, it seems the advantage is his. I nod yes. He skims thru it, and then announces he has often wondered what ability he would rather have, to be able to sing or to draw. In retrospect I should have said the ability to have decent manners would have been a good start.

He decided he would like the be able to draw and tosses it back to me.

I am assuming he was a bit drunk, but he may just have been a grade A twat.

I am leaning towards twat.


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  1. What a unique class of people one can encounter on the train...!