Thursday, 27 March 2014

I will not draw you if you keep on like that.

Sat opposite a woman who kept pestering me to see what I was drawing. Let's see then, let's see. Show me. Go on. Show me. I want to see what you are drawing. Do you do that all the time ?

Her travelling companion just smiled balefully at me, resigned to her determination.

And she so clearly wanted me to draw her.

So I didn't.

I drew this guy instead.


I justified it to myself that she would have been to conscious of me and I don't like that. Plus she would have probably ripped me to pieces if it hadn't been any good.

Does that make me a mean person ?


  1. No. It makes you human. And discerning. I do the same when some flash git roars past in a sports car with a deafening engine. I refuse to look and instead find beauty in a passing bicycle.

  2. Yeah it's no fun when they want to see it! Also glad to hear that someone else feigns ignorance of sports cars.