Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Hurrah.., but Tech grump

Am now scannered up again. Which is very satisfying.

First test scan..

Liked his haircut. very short at the sides and all scruffy chaos on top. Is that a valid instruction to my barber next time I go ? What do you think I would come out with ?

Anyway... Tech grump...

Have spent the entire day getting the lovely new scanner/printer to do what it says on the box. ( i,e, scan and print instead of just sitting like a shiny black monolith - me being the 2001 ape waving his bone in frustration ) Turns out the scanner driver they supply isn't supported by Mac OS X, and you have to go to the Epson site and download a different one, ( they don't tell you this on the help site, I had to work that out myself ) which the Mac then refuses to open because Epson isn't a 'recognised' site and you have to sneak it in by the back door, so to speak.

Anyway now have printer running on WiFi, but scanner still needs USB. I will tackle that tomorrow.

But happy to be fully operational.


  1. Scannered up and gone in via the backdoor. For a minute there I thought I'd arrived at a porn blog.

  2. The phrase "2001 ape waving his bone in frustration" added to that effect. *Ahem*. Commiserations on your Mac woes and nice scribbly hair chaos: I'm sure your barber can work from the drawing

  3. My bone gets waved in frustration more often than you would think.