Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter.

It just occurs to me I should have found a rabbit to sketch and post. Oh well. Too late.

Instead, two girls with long hair. ( No pun intended )

This girl, her hair was such an undeniable red, and her skin was so pale, and enveloped in a big grey scarf, she was almost a tinted daguerreotype of a girl.

Limited colours, held in check.


  1. Rabbits? Two foxy ladies will do fine. Happy Easter!

  2. Thanks, that made me laugh.

    Found a fox asleep in the back garden the other day too. Didn't so much chase it off as stroll it off. Nonchalant to the last it was, even came back for a second look, just on case I had changed my mind. No one needs to know that, just saying...