Tuesday, 15 January 2013


Although this woman had her eyes closed, and was, to outward appearances, dozing, she was amazingly tense and edgy.

Every rustle, or shove, or movement from the other passengers and her eyes shot open, alert and annoyed. There was nothing restful about her rest.

I would guess she was on the run from KGB agents who were holding her cat ransom until she delivered the secret rocket plans to an unmarked P.O. box in Wolverhampton.


  1. Or she was having an Inception moment...

  2. You're not still shaking down there are you ? My heart goes out to you.

    By down there I mean NZ, not your own personal nether regions.

    Perhaps I should have said OVER there.

  3. hahha, no I like the sound of THAT!! Yes still getting the odd shake (geometrically speaking...)