Friday, 30 September 2011

2 phones !

Hey, Lady, enough already !

She had one tucked to her ear in her left hand, and was dialing on the other with her right, then she transfered the current call to her right hand and kept an ear out for the other one as it rang.

No one is that busy, surely ?

And she was in the garden of the British Library to boot. Someone should have popped out and shushed her with a stern look.

Very pleased with how her legs and shoes turned out. As I am sure she is too.


  1. Only Very Important People have two phones :-)

  2. I have 2 phones and I'm not very important at all. One is my own and one is work's. I rarely transfer between the two and never dual-dial.

  3. Sue. you could call them 2phonefolk.

    Steve. 2 things
    A. get you.
    B. you ARE important.

  4. How camp did I sound on that last comment ?

  5. I have 2 phones. Never answer either of them.

  6. Diana. Why am I not surprised by that ?