Monday, 30 November 2009

Opening the sketch book

Have been sketching since forever. Have sketch books tucked away all over, full of wanderings, and wanted to get them out the door, so to speak. The idea is, starting tomorrow, to post 365 sketches of people over the next year. Like the Flickr page challenge, only no camera.

Some will be as 'fresh' as roadkill, scraped off the world that day. Others will be have to be roused, sleeping, from older sketchbooks and scanned to within an inch of their life(line). Some will be friends, a few will be family ( but that might be getting a bit too close to home ), most will be strangers, in parks, in pubs, in museums, in libraries, on public transport.

Not sure how this will go, just want to see if I can manage it. 365 is a LOT of people.

And one of them might just be you !

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